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From the architectural dimension, the store is designed to be a medium where customers can explore the relation between body and space. The layout is pure and simple, with a symbolic “milestone” placed at the center right on the central-axis. The “milestone” holds an obvious implication – a new starting point for SND to move towards an internationally representative buyer’s shop. In addition, the church-like architectural form serve as an embodiment of SND’s brand belief, which is to strike a balance between keeping the brand personality and catching on the fashion trends. The open display area on both sides resembles a square. Through its unique layout, customers can know clearly the routes and can view every product in display while walking, offering them a chance to select and compare goods easily. The design team had not only take into consideration the site’s own narrow and linear characteristics, but also the brand’s functional requirements for art, behavior, and display. Seen from any angle outside the shop, its hierarchical layout and the texture of materials have enabled the shop to be a memorable landscape for any passers-by.

∇ 设计细节 Design detail


Within the cube, Various Associates continues the idea of symmetric design, offering the interior space a scared and ceremonial sense. Jewelry is displayed in the long straight showcase right in the middle, which is easy for customers to choose carefully. Luxury brands of haute couture are displayed in both sides, and are illuminated with professional soft lightening so as to show the texture of the clothes. The reception desk is curved and stands at the heart of the space, dividing the display area and the rest area in the cube while offering timely services to customers in need.


In this project, Various Associates have overcome the conventional thinking mode of traditional brand stores. Not only the products have been fully displayed, the brand personality of SND was also highlighted in its own unique design language. The size of window display area has been maximized to the largest extent, while at the same time, the flexibility and diversity of product display were retained, which offered more possibilities for brand activities and presentations follow up. This innovative design by Various Associates marks the achievement of quality and visual performance, and realized the association of brand space with urban life.

∇ 火山石的粗犷孔隙与水磨石的平滑光亮形成天然对照。The vesicular texture of the volcanic stone echoes with the smooth brilliance of the terrazzo.

∇ 立方体内两边的通道材质折射出顾客的行走动态,将画面捕捉为奇幻有趣的影像序列。The channel on both sides of the cube reflects the walking style of customers, capturing the moments as fascinating image sequences.

∇ 充满仪式感的空间、人、展台、材料之间的几何美感与画面感随处可见。The geometrical beauty that lies within space, people, booths and materials can be preserved everywhere.

∇ 内部高级展示区的黑色弧形前台在米色与浅灰色中予人沉稳与神圣的感觉。Complimented with beige and light-grey, the curved black reception of the interior high-end display area offers people a sense of holiness and tranquility.

∇ “Fluffy”在空间中展示着自身的趣味与个性。 “Fluffy” reveals its own taste and personality in the space.

室内部分Interior design

空间概览Interior overview

∇ 完全对称的结构使空间具备典雅的庄严感与神圣感,藏着对美好衣物的敬畏。The completely symmetrical structure gives the space a sense of sacredness, showing the admiration of fine cloth-ing.

∇ 处于空间内中心点的“Mirror Room”镜面上的景象给予人们一种虚实结合的迷幻感与未来感。The scene on the mirror surface of the “Mirror Room” at the center of the space enables people to experience a combination of psychedelic and futuristic sense.

∇ 亲近温和的毛绒质感中和浅灰空间的理性与仪式,同时彰显着品牌的独有个性。The gentle silky tactile soften the rich rationality of the light gray space, while highlighting the brand’s unique personality at the same time.

∇ 在外廊经过时可透过斜面上的开口看到内部暗藏的另一个世界。A hidden world can be seen through the opening on the slope when one passes by the corridor.

∇ 试衣间内部,轻松简洁。Embrace purity and elegance in the fitting room.

∇ 米色调的立面予人纯粹及舒适感,而反射出里程碑室内空间的开口则引人向往迈入隐藏在内独立的神秘天地。The façade in beige are pure and comfortable, while the openings that reflect the interior space of the “milestone” lead customers to enter an independent mysterious world.

∇ 展示区域概览Display area overview

∇ 悬挂构造的衣杆使衣服自然摆动,在灯带的晕映下形成飘动的影子。The clothes swing naturally on the clothes rails, forming dangling shadows under the illuminating lamp belt.

∇ 商场内的店铺入口Shop entrance in the mall

∇ 独特的空间语言使人们路过时不禁停步瞩目。The unique visual outlook encourages people to stop and enjoy.

∇ 仪式感、未来感与趣味性,万博体育推荐使这个项目具备独一无二的个性。The ceremonial sense, futuristic and intriguing characteristic makes this project one of a kind.

∇ 平面图 plan